ACE Body & Frame

2922 S. Peachtree Road

Balch Springs, Texas 75180



Honest and Reliable – Ace is the place! Ace Body & Frame is the only place I feel 100% comfortable to take my car and truck to be repaired, whether mechanical or body. My beautiful RED Solara convertible was hit from the side recently, they fixed it up and it looks brand new again. Everyone is great to work with, they really care about the customer, and take great pride in their work. I am a HAPPY long term customer and I would recommend them to everyone.


Helen L Miller

Awesome service and repairs - Great shop!!!! – I have used Ace Body and Frame for over 20 years. My father was a mechanic for a major Chevrolet dealership for over 45 years and when he passed, there was absolutely no one I trusted to repair my vehicles until I found Ace Body.


They have repaired at least 9 or 10 accidents, three of them major, and done numerous mechanical repairs of which I have been 100% satisfied. Not once have I had to take any of the vehicles back a second time, or to correct a mistake. Ace will pick your vehicle up and deliver it back to you either repaired, or sparkling new, which ever the case may be. There is not another shop in the metroplex that has a more caring and courteous staff and will bend over backwards to repair your vehicle.


They will even deal with your insurance, or the insurance of the person at fault so that you don't have to. I cannot believe that anyone would have any sort of complaint about this place of business. Rest assured. This shop will do everything in their power to satisfy their customers.




Top Notch Service – I used ACE Body & Frame and was absolutely 100% Satisfied.  ACE Body & Frame repaired several dents and scratches on my Altima. They were VERY Professional in every way.


They had my vehicle for one day and even delivered it to me in Rockwall. It looked brand new! I have used many Body Shops over the last 30 years and I really can't recall any of them as Professional and Courteous as they were. Sometimes it’s hard to find someone that reliable these days.


Believe me, I'll recommend ACE Body & Frame to everybody I know.


Roger M.

2922 S. Peachtree Rd., Balch Springs, Texas 75180


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ACE Body & Frame, 2922 S. Peachtree Rd., Balch Springs, TX 75180

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